Jeff Gordon On A Chance by Maureen Harris

A random letter began the chance of a lifetime for Jeff Gordon fans Maureen and Russ Harris, when they founded the Jeff Gordon National Fan Club, the largest personal touch fan base in the history of NASCAR.  If you sent a letter to Jeff Gordon in the 1990's, chances are that it was processed by the JGNFC.

From the outset, they catered not just to the fans of Jeff Gordon, but all race fans.  By doing so, they created the most popular fan connection in all of racing during the 1990's.

Jeff Gordon On A Chance will take you inside the JGNFC and give insight into the Jeff Gordon fan.  Also, Maureen shares some humorous "fanatics" that she and Russ went through as not only JGNFC founders but as simple fans.

I hope that as a race fan you will appreciate the unique experiences that the Harrises were fortunate enough to have shared through their favorite driver.  It was a chance of a lifetime for two ordinary fans to be involved in the rise of a racing superstar.

Spirit Light by Molly R Harris

What if all you had been taught about the world was not the whole picture?  What if there was more?

When cancer claimed the life of Molly's husband, she stumbled upon profound evidence, that there is more to life unseen than can be seen.

The journey would take her beyond anything she could of imagined.

Because of her encounters with Spirit Light, she now knows that death is not the final stop in life.

Join Molly as she shares her experiences with Spirit Light!

Be Grateful For The Shade by Molly R Harris

Did you ever wonder if true love still exists? This is a true story of ultimate love and of the discovery that physical death cannot separate souls who are bound by unconditional, unending love.  This inspiring story of twinsoul love between two worlds will change your view of life and hopefully assist you on your path to truth and discovery.

This book is much more than a memoir ~ after the physical death of Molly's husband, her quest took her into the depths of the soul that would lead her to challenge the traditional boundaries of commonplace thought.

With determination to find where her husband had gone, and if they would ever be together again, she will take you through her experiences that will offer compelling evidence that we are greater than we think, and there is more to life unseen, than can be seen. 

Scenic Airways by John Seibold

For the love of aviation history, John R Seibold brings the autobiography of J. Parker Van Zandt to print. J. Parker Van Zandt, a pioneer in the field of aviation, was the father of Grand Canyon air tours and founder of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. While delivering a Ford Tri-Motor, Van Zandt flew over the seventh wonder of the world, the Grand Canyon. As a result of that flight his vision of air tours began in 1927 with the birth of Scenic Airways. The autobiography of J. Parker Van Zandt has not been published and with the printing of this book we dedicate it to the memory of this great aviation pioneer. Van Zandt was proficient in aviation navigation and assisted in the creation of numerous navigation devices while enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Service. His life was full of colorful adventures and his journey through aviation history was truly amazing. This book is a must read for anyone who enjoys the guts and glory of the golden age of flying when taking chances for the advancement of aviation and just for the love of flying was given no second thought.

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Grand Canyon Magic or Mysticism
by Thomas Scruggs

See the Grand Canyon through the eyes of a third generation Arizona native.

An enjoyable collection of award winning poetry by Thomas Scruggs.